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Welcome To Glocal School

"Achieving Global standards with Local innovation."

At Glocal, we believe that every child is talented. However, this talent needs nurturing, to unleash the potential to the fullest and bring out the best in the child. We hope to be able to shape a desire to succeed in any place. We believe that everybody has the potential to achieve success and make a mark. Talent is a raw diamond. All it requires is the right people to study it, polish it and make it shine. That’s where we, at the Glocal School, come in. There is a really fine line between can and cannot. At the Glocal School, we will help to bridge the gap with mentors who can use their knowledge to nurture a student’s true potential. We understand it is essential to inculcate critical thinking and progressive action in every student. To hone every aspect of their personality, every ounce of their talent to maximize their abilities.