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We at The Glocal School teach using scientific methodology. these are understood thoroughly using investigative methods. Through adopting scientific method, children learn objectivity, not to follow superstitions blindly, to understand society and its culture, collection and analysis of facts, questioning and time management. We practice a student–centred approach enriched with activities that develop imagination, thinking and creative skills. Personal care and attention are the key words in Glocal.

We have laboratories for most of our subjects like maths, social sciences, sciences, computer, where models, charts, real objects, specimens, globe, maps, measuring tools and raw material have been kept for the teachers and students to use, experiment and learn through doing.

Our classrooms contain students with varied backgrounds. We use this to achieve positive results. We celebrate diversity through teaching of social sciences.

Children’s experiences are valued. They are taught to respect elders, save plants and trees, love animals.

Some of the activities in teaching are debates, dialogues, discussions, creative writing, quizzes, excursions, field trips and picnics, experiments, drawing, painting, poetry writing etc.

Teachers handle discussions on various issues of the society in a manner through which children get sensitive and responsible towards their role in the development of society.