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School Counsellor:
Specialists with high sensitivity who can engage with students and nurture their emotional intelligence and social being; deal with their age specific needs and managing behaviour issues. The school aims to have a guidance and counselling centre to facilitate the student’s realization of their potential to the maximum. This we do by nurturing their emotional intelligence and social being.

The centre deals with:

Integrating life-skills with the main course curriculum.
Transforming under achievers to high achievers.
Guidance and support to age specific issues and behavioural issues.
Developing the ability to cope with stress and anxiety in life.
Dealing with anti-social behavioural issues.
Dealing with gifted and specially challenged students in the school.
Guidance in preparing students for their careers.
Sensitivity workshops for teachers and parents to understand their child’s needs, feelings and concerns.

In order to cope with the new life and environment of a school, away from the sheltered and protected life of home, students are given personal attention by faculty who take on the role of ‘mentors’. Each faculty is entrusted with six to seven students, and to them, she is like their friend, philosopher and guide . Although students can meet their mentors anytime, specific slots are given every day when they could share their problems or seek guidance in studies, library etc . . The mentors also help in developing English conversation skills by closer interaction.